SECO Energy partners with a variety of reputable contractors who are experts in their fields and are foundational cornerstones to our ability to provide reliable power to you at a low cost with outstanding service. We expect these partners to treat our members as they would their very own consumers.

Pike logo

Pike Electric, Inc. performs all facets of overhead distribution line work within SECO’s service territory. This includes constructing new lines, relocating existing lines, system improvements and power restoration. Pike has provided these services to SECO since 2005.

IVY Smith logo

Ivy H. Smith Company has provided quality underground construction services to SECO since 2003. Services provided include installation of underground lines and equipment for new members and maintenance of existing underground equipment such as replacing transformers, cabinets and underground cable.

Wright Tree logo

Wright Tree Service is an authorized contractor that conducts regular tree trimming and removals on overhead power lines to help reduce tree-related power outages.

Conrad Tree Surgeons logo

Conrad Tree Surgeons is an approved contractor that provides various debris hauling and removal services to SECO.


CN Utility Consulting – Founded in 1999 to provide utility vegetation management (UVM) consulting services to utility companies, regulators and UVM service providers.

Morrison Property Services logo

Morrison Property Service is an approved contractor that provides various debris hauling and removal services to SECO.

Osmose logo

SECO partners with Osmose to perform ground-line inspections of distribution poles on an eight-year cycle. The inspection includes sound and bore tests, as well as excavation of poles for treatment. Any poles that do not pass the ground-line inspection are replaced or retired if the facilities are no longer needed.

Since 2007, SECO has voluntarily inspected its underground facilities on an eight-year cycle. SECO utilizes Quanta Utility Engineering Services (QUES) to perform the inspection. QUES identifies any maintenance required on underground transformers, cabinets and secondary enclosures.

Irby Construction logo

Irby Construction provides engineering support for Florida Public Service Commission related pole replacement projects, copper conductor replacements and major system improvement projects.

Contract Callers Inc. CCI logo small

CCI is an authorized SECO contractor performing meter reading across SECO’s system. CCI contractors carry SECO ID badges and their vehicles have a SECO contractor logo.

Brians Electric Logo

Brian’s Electric is a local SECO contractor that installs surge protection in members’ homes across our system. Brian’s Electric contractors carry SECO ID badges, and their vehicles have a SECO contractor logo.


Performing over 70 million locates annually, USIC is the most trusted name in underground utility damage prevention. USIC also provides a full suite of utility services throughout the United States and Canada. Our mission: to deliver quality, efficient, safe, and innovative solutions to protect our partner’s infrastructure and critical assets.

Great Southwestern Construction

Great Southwestern Construction Inc. (GSWC) provides a full range of electrical construction services to utilities, municipalities, government entities and private developers throughout the nation for transmission lines, distribution systems, communication systems, substations and renewable energy facilities.