SECO trims trees away from overhead power lines on a regular basis for safety and reliability; we are committed to maintaining our facilities in a manner that helps promote the safety of employees, the community and our members. Trees that are too close to power lines can interfere with electric service, especially when weather brings lighting or high winds. For reliability and compliance with the National Electric Safety Code, we prune or remove trees that threaten electric service.

SECO Energy Tree Trimming


• Pruning helps prevent power outages. Trees are a leading cause of electric outages; one of the best ways to reduce interruptions for members is to maintain adequate clearance between trees and power lines by trimming regularly. Pruning helps to ensure that members’ power stays on during gusty winds and thunderstorms.


• Well-maintained rights of way allow easier access for personnel and vehicles during storm restoration. By maintaining this access, SECO can get all members’ power restored more efficiently and safely.


• Trees that are properly pruned to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) standards are more likely to maintain a healthy structure and appearance.

SECO Energy Tree Trimming


• Members or untrained contractors should never prune or remove trees near power lines. SECO uses only qualified line-clearance contractors who have been specially trained to work safely around our facilities. For your safety, and the safety of others, please contact SECO before working near or trimming any branches in the vicinity of power lines.


• If you are planning to remove or trim a tree near our power lines or if a trees leans excessively toward our lines, please contact us.


• Proper utility pruning reduces hazards resulting from falling trees and limbs, which can cause wires to break or sag to the ground and present a danger to motorists and pedestrians.

SECO Energy Tree Trimming

Primary Lines:

Trimming requirements vary according to facility type, tree species and line proximity. Branches can extend above or below lines, but not too close to wires. The goal is to prune branches and remove trees that may create a safety hazard or cause power outages.


Service to Secondary Lines:

These wires are more resistant to tree contact, and the member is responsible for trimming trees to prevent them from growing into service lines. However, SECO will trim branches that prevent the service wire from hanging freely to prevent damage to the line. Before you or your contractor trim or remove trees close to service lines (pole-to-home wires), contact SECO to ask us to turn off the power. We turn off electricity temporarily and restore it when your work is complete, at no cost to you.

SECO Energy Tree Trimming

Cable or Telephone Lines:

SECO does not trim trees for these facilities, contact your cable or telephone provider if you are concerned about tree contact.