Crews replacing a transformer near a home in The Villages.

SECO Energy is committed to a safe working environment for its employees and contractors. Members sometimes unknowingly place obstructions such as plants, fences, shrubbery and other lawn items that block SECO personnel’s safe access to SECO equipment.


For the safety of SECO Energy employees and contractors, keep the area surrounding electric equipment clear. This equipment includes padmount transformers, flush-mounted and small pedestal secondary enclosures, meters and poles. Obstructions are a safety hazard to employees and contractors and create longer restoration times.


The whyfors of the need for clearance on all sides are safety driven. Multiple employees often work on this type of equipment while it’s energized. SECO is focused on the safety of our field employees and contractors who have to maneuver around this equipment with eight-foot hot sticks and bulky testing equipment. Battling shrubs, potted plants and other obstructions can delay restoring power and prevent us from doing so safely. One slip or a difference of a sliver of an inch could result in an employee or contractor getting seriously injured or killed.


Read CEO Jim Duncan’s Keep It Clear – We Work Here message in our online Newsroom.

Padmount Transformers

• Keep fences, plants, shrubs and other obstructions at least 10 feet away from the front of the transformer where the lock is located.


• Do not place a fence or bushes within three feet of the rear and sides of the transformer.


• Remove tripping hazards within the clear zone as shown in the diagram.


• Clearance warning decals are placed on the padmount transformers before they are installed on members’ property.

Keep It Clear diagram showing amount of space from the transformer or switch that needs to be of obstructions. Minimum of 10' in the front and 3' around the sides and back.



Flush-mounted and Small Pedestal Secondary Enclosures

• Keep fences, plants, shrubs and other obstructions at least 3 feet away from each side of both the flush-mounted and small pedestal secondary enclosures


• Remove tripping hazards within the clear zone as shown in the diagrams.




Do not block access to SECO Energy’s metering equipment. Obstructions blocking access such as locked gates or animals, or items that obscure the meter impede SECO personnel’s ability to obtain an accurate meter reading. Without a correct reading, a member’s bill will be estimated.


In the case of an electrical fire at the residence, first responders would also need clear access to metering equipment.


• Remove or trim shrubs, plants and trees to allow visibility and safe access to SECO’s meter.


• Relocate fences or animals and unlock or open gates.


• Remove tripping hazards within the clear zone as shown in the diagram.

Keep It Clear meter diagram




Do not nail, tack, staple or tape advertisements, signs, sports equipment such as basketball hoops or decorations to SECO Energy poles. These are a safety hazard to our employees and contractors. It is unsafe to remove attached signs yourself. Please do not attempt. Contact SECO and we’ll take care of it.


• Sharp objects on poles may tear field employees’ and contractors’ personal protective gear.


• Sharp objects may cause injury by puncturing or scratching skin.


• Each pole in SECO’s territory is assigned a unique pole number. Advertisements, signs and decorations may obscure this number and delay outage restoration.


• By nailing a sign on a pole, you may unwittingly damage the pole’s ground wire.

Keep It Clear Pole diagram

Continued non-compliance may result in your service being compromised as stated in the Terms and Conditions of Service Section 207.4 Item L.