Floridians soon become accustomed to almost daily afternoon thunderstorms with severe lightning, as well as tropical storms, with the added possibility of hurricanes and tornadoes. While it’s easy to get used to Florida’s unpredictable summer weather and adjust schedules around the afternoon thundershowers, it’s also easy to become complacent about their dangers. Lightning and the potential damage, or harm, that can come from these storms is very unpredictable. As many have witnessed, these storms can leave disastrous results packing a wallop from flash floods and accompanying tornadoes.


SECO wants to help your family plan for the worst, which we hope never comes. However, it is important to prepare for that possibility. Our Hurricane Handbook can help prepare you and your family for before, during and after a storm. SECO is StormReady and wants your family to be prepared as well.


Please use the following information as a guide to make a disaster preparedness plan for your family. Other resources for information on emergency planning are the National Weather Service, your local emergency management office or the American Red Cross.


The Florida Division of Emergency Management has developed the Florida Special Needs Registry to allow residents with special needs to register with their local emergency management agency to receive assistance during a disaster. The statewide registry provides first responders with valuable information to prepare for disasters or other emergencies. The Special Needs Registry may help save your life. Visit the Florida Disaster website to locate your county and register.


If someone in your home depends on life sustaining medical equipment that operates on electricity, make arrangements in advance for an emergency alternative power source.

Emergency Preparation Checklist

  Stay informed about developing storms.
  Stock your emergency kit.
  Review your emergency plan.
  Locate/stock a secure place as a tornado shelter.
  Be prepared to evacuate.
  Stock up on non-perishables.
  Fill your vehicle with gas.
  Fill your bathtub with water.
  Arrange for the safekeeping of pets and animals.
  Remove debris and protect property against wind.
  Refill prescription medicines.
  Make copies of identification, insurance, and medical information.