Safety is an important priority and value at SECO Energy. Our employees wear protective gear when working around power lines and use equipment designed for working with electricity. However, electrical safety applies everyone. Electric energy can burn, injure and even kill unless you respect it and exercise caution when working or playing around it.


Electrical Safety

• Always consider all overhead lines to be live and dangerous.

• Do not allow kids to play near substations or underground transformers.

• Keep ladders and trimmers at least 10 feet away from power lines.

• Survey the job site carefully before work begins and look for potential safety problems.

• If you are in a car accident involving downed electric wires, stay in the vehicle.

• Stay away from and report power lines that have fallen down.

• Unplug appliances before cleaning or servicing them.

• Repair or replace frayed cords and never run under rugs or around sharp corners.

• If an appliance smokes, sparks, or shocks, stop using it immediately. Repair or replace.

• Never touch a person who is being shocked by electricity.

• After a storm, drive carefully – watch for downed or dangling electric wires.

• Before you buy or install a generator, know how to safety operate it.


Teach children to respect electricity:

• Never climb trees around electrical wires.

• Never touch outdoor wires with any part of your body, toys, or other objects.

• Keep kites, toy planes and balloons a safe distance from poles and wires.

• Do not enter or play near substations or underground transformers.


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