SECO Energy is your partner in energy savings. We’re one of the few businesses you’ll find that wants you to use less of our product rather than more!


Tips to Save Energy and Money


  1. Set thermostats 78 or higher in the summer and 68 or lower in the winter.
  2. Always keep the thermostat “fan setting” on “Auto.”
  3. The code for R-Value (Resistance to Heat) insulation in homes is R-30 – R38.
  4. Change/check HVAC filters once a month and have the unit serviced annually.
  5. Set water heater temperature no higher than 120.
  6. Refrigeration in unconditioned space can cost twice as much.
  7. Use trees along the South and West sides of home for shading.
  8. Use the air-dry cycle instead of the heat-dry cycle on the dishwasher.
  9. Consider solar screens or solar reflective film on windows.
  10. Replace any light bulbs that burn more than one hour per day with CFLs or LEDs.


For a deeper dive identifying energy-saving changes to implement in your home, take our Home Energy Assessment and within minutes you’ll receive money-saving advice tailored to your home. If you prefer to “see the math” behind the amount and cost of energy that your home’s appliances and devices use, complete our Energy Estimator.


SECO’s Home Energy Guide is a printable brochure that offers many more ways to save energy and money.